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Serene Kitchens Coloring Book

(5 customer reviews)

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“Serene Kitchens Coloring Book” is a wonderful way to rediscover the simple joys of childhood with peaceful, familiar scenes of home kitchens! Enjoy filling comfortably simple pictures of home kitchens with your ideal color and ambiance!

Once thought to be only for children, research has proven that coloring can be beneficial to anyone. Coloring has advantages for anyone wanting to:

  • Enjoy some quiet time without leaving the comforts of home
  • Escape life’s worries and concerns
  • Improve fine motor and visual skills by engaging both sides of the brain

Why spend time coloring?

  • Promote Mindfulness: Research has shown that practicing mindfulness can not only improve sleep and alleviate stress, but can also improve your health by lowering blood pressure and reducing pain.
  • Relieve stress and anxiety: Get lost in the beautiful artwork and find yourself forgetting about your current stresses and feeling less anxious.

Whether you’re looking for decor inspiration or just looking for something simple and familiar, “Serene Kitchens Coloring Book” is a wonderful choice to help you find your creative side:

  • Gorgeous high-quality, unique designs – “Serene Kitchens Coloring Book” features 20 illustrations individually created by a skilled team of artists
  • Features bold lines to help keep you from getting lost in the variety of shapes on each page
  • Instant access – Be lost in your own world in a matter of minutes! Your path to relaxation is as simple as clicking Add To Cart, completing your purchase, printing your pages and getting started!

Find beauty in the mundane with these simple but beautiful home illustration!

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5 reviews for Serene Kitchens Coloring Book

  1. Elise Gonzalez

    Lovely kitchen scenes that are so nice and relaxing to color!

  2. Yvette Nicks

    Such peaceful, homey pictures. I love this book!

  3. Sandi Burton

    It’s nice to have something nostalgic and easy to use as stress relief.

  4. Pamela Stein

    one of the best purchaces i’ve made this year

  5. Rose Finley


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