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Stress Relieving Patterns: Volume One

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“Stress Relieving Patterns” is designed with stress relief and relaxation in mind and offers 20 unique illustrations of fascinating animals, beautiful scenery, and other gorgeous artwork.


No longer a pasttime for children alone, research proves that there are numerous benefits of coloring for adults. Coloring is for anyone hoping to:

  • Improve sleeping habits by finding an engaging activity that does not involve electronics or screens
  • Find an escape from the worries and stresses of life
  • Explore their artistic side!

What can coloring do for you?


  • Induce a meditative state: Meditation is not for everyone, but that’s okay. Coloring can actually mimic meditation and help you enhance your well-being.
  • Help you relax: In today’s world, stress and unwanted negative thoughts constantly creep into our lives and minds. Coloring is proven to help you relax and get a break from all of those stresses.

Whether you’re looking for alleviation from stress or more books to add to your collection, “Stress Relieving Patterns is a great choice:

  • Beautiful premium, unique designs – “Stress Relieving Patterns” features 20 illustrations, each created by a team of skillful artists
  • 2 copies of each design for you to try new colors, test new markers or pencils, or share with a friend or family member for some quality time
  • Thick, high-quality paper, featuring art with bold lines to elegantly define each picture and help draw your focus to each individual part
  • Instant access – Be lost in your own world in a matter of minutes! Your path to relaxation is as simple as clicking Add To Cart, completing your purchase, printing your pages and getting started!

Begin your journey to stress relief and find your creative side!

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5 reviews for Stress Relieving Patterns: Volume One

  1. Chelsea Hoosier

    I LOVE this coloring book. It has animals, birds, scenery, buildings. Whatever you can think of to enjoy coloring!

  2. Leslie Burch

    I like seeing the colors spread from the little shapes and come together for a big, beautiful peace. It really is satisfying.

  3. Lori Wilson

    Lots of nice pictures!

  4. Margaret Riddle

    An absolutely fantastic coloring book, one of the best I’ve gotten so far!

  5. Gina Gunter

    good stuff

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